Do I need to buy tickets for this event?
No. There is a Walking Tour of Upper Princess Anne Street that will require a purchased ticket, but there will also be lots of activities happening all day long for FREE! They will take place in front of, and in the lobby of the General Washington Executive Center, 2217 Princess Anne Street. Across the street from Carl’s.

Where is this event actually being held?
2217 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, VA  22401

Is there parking?
There is! In the rear of the building at 2217 Princess Anne Street there is plenty of parking, as well as the lot at the corner of Princess Anne and Hunter Streets (east side, opposite Mason-Dixon and Carl’s)

Why are you celebrating the mid-20th century? Is that really “history”?
We think the mid-20th century was an important time in our country as well as in Fredericksburg. Change was happening a mile a minute. Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods have some wonderful stories as well as architectural details from this era and we want to share them with everyone. If we value this era now, future generations will know the stories and appreciate their history.